Thursday, August 16, 2012

Join me on Hairlista!

Hello Dolls!

Check out Hairlista and have fun with me participating in the various challenges to motivate you with your hair care regimen!

Currently, I'm participating in a few challenges:

1.) Castor Oil Challenge: I'm doing this at the basic level. Basically, you maintain a regimen of moisturizing your hair, scalp, and problem areas 2x a week (I chose Wednesday and Saturday as my oil days), until the challenge is over, which is October 28th (the challenge started July 28th)

2.) Grow MBL by 2014: I'm super excited about this one. In challenge, everyone basically shares tips, ideas, and products to assist with achieving the goal. One things that I am going to try is adding Mega-Tek to my JBCO and see if that garners any results.

3.) Uneven Hair Challenge: The ultimate goal for this challenge is to grow your hair out from being uneven (long in the back, short on the sides, front, and/or the top), to everything being all one length. The rules of this challenge are:

  • Please show starting Pic of your shape
  • NO Frequent TRIMS!
  • NO HEAT Do low manipulation styles and protective styling.
  • No Comb detangling in that section that is shorter. ONLY finger detangling!
  • Moisturize and Seal that Section 2x daily.
  • Try to Stretch your relaxer longer. That section might be fragile to relaxers and break easily. If you have to relax apply to the problem area last right before rinsing with less smoothing.
  • Stay off the back of your head! Driving, sleeping, sitting on sofa's etc.
  • Sleep with Satin or Silk Bonnets or Scarfs. Do not let your hair go all over the place at night.
Check out the site, sign up and join me in some of the challenges!

Happy Growing!