Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tips on caring for colored virgin hair

Hi lovelies!

I know, I know, it's been entirely too long since I've posted. One of my resolutions is to follow through with things a lot better. This blog included.

So, on to the subject at hand. You've colored (or bleached) your virgin Peruvian/Malaysian/Brazilian/Russian/Filipino/Negro hair, and now, you're clinging on to every hope (and product) in the world to keep it from going dry, brittle and straw-like.

Well, to start, if you're gonna bleach your OWN hair (which I highly, HIGHLY advise against), you hqve to make sure that it is at its healthiest. If you're relaxed, girl, STOP, do not pass 'go', do not collect $200, and go straight to a professional.

Now, as for your extensions, remember these key things:

1. Never use developer over 30 volume if its your first time.

2. Stick to more slowly lifting lightening powders such as Clairol's Kaleidocolors, especially if you're attempting to do your entire head in one session.

3. Keep an intense, deep conditioning treatment on hand (like MoroccanOil hair masque or Keratasé) for immediate use after lifting. (In other words, to apologize to the hair)

4. Make sure you use a color-preserving conditioner (Nexxus, Dove, Pantene, or Clairol Shimmer Lights, for example) for regular use after bleaching.

5. Also, a serum, such as Argan Oil, is good for daily (or nightly) use to coat and protect your strands after bleaching.

Limit your heat use, and deep condition every week, and your newly lifted hair will be fabulous and healthy!

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