Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My oil mixture and the benefits of...

Hi dolls!

So, thanks to HairDeLaCreme, I have gotten into mixing my oils in an applicator bottle, to keep my natural hair healthy and growing while it is braided up underneath my 3/4 wig (or U-Part or L-Part wigs), or a sew in. My current mixture is:

2oz. Jamaican Black Castor oil - Rich in Omega-9 fatty acids, this oil promotes hair growth by moisturizing the roots of your hair and your scalp. This is the best oil to promote thickness as well as length.

2oz. Wild Growth oil - (Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Coconut oil & Vitamin D) This oil promises rapid hair growth (which it delivers on!), softening the hair, damage repair, thickening the hair, and more. This oil packs a powerful punch! In a month, you will see a major difference in length and thickness.

1.5oz. Creme of Nature Moroccan Argan Oil treatment (this is NOT pure Argan oil) - This treatment is also good for using as a hot oil treatment by itself. It softens the hair as well as helps the hair retain moisture.

2oz. Aphogee Essential Oils for hair - EXCELLENT for relaxed and natural hair textures, has multi-uses, and is great for sealing ends.

1oz. Dr. Miracle's Relaxed hair potion - the final step in the Dr. Miracle's relaxer system, is also great for braided and natural hair. Its biggest boast is repairing and preventing split ends. I have relied on this potion on its own, outside of my mixture, for keeping my relaxed leaveout healthy, and preventing any heat damage.

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